There's something about wearing the same top my grandmother wore (enter this shoulder-padded button-down beauty) that gives me life.

Heirlooms are one of life's most precious, evergreen gifts and a reason I'm so passionate about photography.

A photograph isn't just a picture. It's a keepsake you'll leave behind that will mean the world to loved ones who want to celebrate you forever.

Jennifer Powell Photography transcends ever-changing photo trends and outlasts the test of time, letting your original beauty take center stage now and forever.

Let's capture your unique radiance in a light that is just as cherished decades from now as it is today. You're a classic!

My name is Jenn and my secret weapon is 

vintage clothing.


Our dreams require us to step out of our comfort zones and take a leap of faith.

For someone like me who is deathly afraid of heights, the jumping metaphor can be paralyzing.

Dancing makes me happy and brings me so much joy. It still pushes me out of my comfort zone and is way more fun than the jump.

Scared to take a leap? It's okay, sunshine! Just come dance with me!

If we're counting blessings...

priceless moments frozen in time

gasps looking at boudoir shots

brands upleveled from imagery

clients turned into very close friends

very rewarding years in business

times i've pictured myself doing anything else!






Here are some of the business blessings clients like you have made possible

As your photographer, it's my job and nature to:

Position you in the most flattering light and angles while minimizing things you don't want to shine a light on (we've all got 'em!)

Double as a stand-up comic to make you laugh naturally for those coveted candid shots

Help you cast camera-shyness aside and be present in the moment so all that is YOU can shine through

Ensure your investment is well spent on timeless, high-quality images you'll admire for years and years to come

Remind you, most importantly, that... no one is you and that is your superpower.


a woman on a mission...

To capture the essence of each client's authentic, radiant soul in photography they'll love until the end of time.

let's work together!