• I have to get naked. The first rule of boudoir is the most important: You don’t have to do anything you’re not completely comfortable with. This is your shoot, and that means you decide how much you want to show, as well as the parts you prefer to keep hidden. If nudity isn’t your thing, then don’t do it simply because you think it’s what you’re “supposed” to do in boudoir.

  • I have to wear lingerie. Boudoir isn’t about the lingerie – it’s about you! If lingerie isn’t you, then there’s no reason to bring it to your boudoir shoot. Plus, implied nudity is just as sexy as shedding it all. What’s implied nudity? It shows the moments right before you completely undress: a bra strap hanging off the shoulder, an unzipped pair of jeans, your favorite sweater and panties, his dress shirt. We’ve even had women do boudoir photo shoots in their workout clothes — because strength is sexy, too!

  • I have to do boudoir for someone. Boudoir isn’t about the person you’re romantically involved with! We believe boudoir is for you first and foremost – not anyone else. Why should boudoir be about you? Everyone has bits about themselves that they like and bits they don’t like. Boudoir is about the empowerment you feel when you decide to embrace it all. The point of boudoir is to be emotionally ready to enjoy it. You might even overcome a block or a fear, or see yourself in a completely new light. When you go into it for the right reasons, a quality boudoir experience can help you feel comfortable in your own skin, and even help you find some self-acceptance. While we always work to accentuate the bits you like and flatter the bits you don’t like, we can prove you don’t have any bad bits.

  • I need to lose weight before I do the session. Capturing your body at its most restricted weight is actually not ideal for boudoir. If you show up for your shoot after two weeks of binge dieting, or even two months of dedicated two-a-days at the gym, you won’t look like the authentic, everyday you. Yes, you might be the ultra-thin version of you, but if that’s not attainable on a consistent basis, you’re missing one of the amazing benefits of a boudoir shoot. One of the best parts of having boudoir photos is the opportunity to look at your beautiful appearance when you’re feeling down or self-conscious. Whenever you need a little boost or some extra sass, you can pull out your images and have proof that you are damn sexy. But if we’ve captured an unattainable version of you, you’ll look back at your photos and see yet another “perfect woman” who doesn’t feel like you anymore. And that’s not empowering – or at least not as empowering as it could be. Give us a chance to show you how beautiful and sexy you are already, without changing anything about yourself. It will make the experience so much more powerful – now and forever.

  • I am awkward. In any photography session, Jenn starts by teaching you three simple little rules to help you feel more confident in front of the camera. Then she shows you how to get into each pose by demonstrating it herself, step by step. That means you’ll not only look amazing, but you’ll also relax a little bit because she’s doing it with you.

  • I’m too shy. The whole point of a boudoir photo shoot is to capture you and your unique beauty. So if you’re shy, then we’ll capture that, too! You do not have to be overtly sexy to be sexy. Sex appeal is as unique as you are, and that means a shy little “come hither” smirk in a low-cut sweater is just as sexy as full-body lingerie and a pose that bares it all. In fact, leaving something to the imagination can be even sexier – especially if it makes you feel confident. While there’s nothing wrong with that sweet and sexy shyness, it’s also helpful to know that you will feel less shy by the end of the session. There’s no doubt about it.

  • Everyone will see my photos. If you don’t want a single soul, besides your photographer, to ever see your images, then honey, that’s exactly what we promise to do. We understand the level of trust it takes for you to open yourself up to this experience, especially since our boudoir photographer, Jenn, has been through the process herself. That’s why we promise to honor your trust by following your wishes to the letter.

  • Is hair and makeup included? What about false lashes? Hair and makeup are included. You’re welcome to use someone else or do your own if you prefer, but it won’t change the price. Hair and makeup is the first step to boost your confidence the day of your session. Image By Lisa is incredible and will make sure you feel like a goddess. And yes, they’ll hook you up with lashes.

  • How should I prepare for my session? For helpful tips on how to best prepare for boudoir (nails, waxing, etc.), visit our Boudoir Prep page under Resources.

  • Are digitals included? Digitals are included in the session fee and in all collections! I also have print and album options.

  • Will you tell me what to do/how to pose? Don’t worry another second about not knowing how to pose or what your best angles are because I do! And I’ll direct and pose you the whole time, as well as demonstrate each pose. I’ll never leave you wondering what to do.

  • How should I “groom” before my session? Do what you usually do. That means if you typically keep body hair, don’t feel like you have to get rid of it because you’ll be on camera. You do you! This is a judgment-free zone. The only thing I would advise against is getting waxed for the first time the day before the session.

  • Do I have to wear lingerie? Will I be naked? You don’t have to wear lingerie, and you don’t have to be naked. I’ve had women bring in blazers, jerseys, tee shirts, dresses, hats, jeans, etc. These are your photos, and they can look however you want them to look. I ask in the pre-session questionnaire what your comfortability is with nudity, but remember…you are always welcome to change your mind at any time.

  • Will you share my photos online? Not unless you want me to! I never assume and always ask for expressed permission. You can allow me to share in whatever way you feel comfortable.

  • Will you edit out my imperfections? I hate my ___. Will you avoid that area? The best way to answer this question is to ask another: are they part of who you are? I want you to see the beauty in exactly who you are, right now, today. So no, I will not edit out anything that makes you, you. I think it’s important for you to see every part of you and the imperfect goodness of it. Any non-permanent blemishes (i.e., a pimple, bruises, etc.) will be gone, but the stretch marks that came after you carried a human being, the scars that are part of your unique story, and the cellulite (which, by the way, we ALL have) are a part of you, and I want to celebrate that with you. I ask every woman that enters the studio what her favorite physical attributes are and which ones she needs to work on loving—because I plan on photographing both. No matter your size, I photograph all women the same because one body isn’t better than the next. The same goes for each part of your body. You don’t have to select photos that feature whatever you’re self-conscious of for your final products. Still, I wouldn’t be doing my job as a body-positive boudoir photographer if I discriminated against it.

  • Do I bring my own lingerie or does Bare Beauty provide that? I hope to one day provide that as an option but for now you have to bring your own lingerie. We have suggestions on our Boudoir Prep page under Resources.

  • When should I book a session? Book a session whenever you want! You are reason enough, and you don’t need an excuse.

  • Can I bring a friend? Sure! Only women are allowed in the boudoir studio, and she MUST be on the same page with this body-positive experience. It never hurts to have a wing woman in your corner! (Please let me know if you plan on bringing a friend).

Boudoir Myths & FAQs

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